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Welcome to DElab's PYTHAGORAS project 2005-'07

Target Tracking Sensor Network

Data Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

An ad hoc wireless network is a wireless network in which a set of nodes with wireless connectivity form a temporary network without the existence and support of any infrastructure, e.g., base stations, or centralized administration, e.g., switching centers. Communication in an ad hoc network between any two nodes that are out of one another's transmission range is achieved through intermediate nodes, which relay messages to set up a communication channel between the two nodes. The efficient delivery of data and services over emerging diverse and heterogeneous ad hoc wireless networks is a challenging research objective. Within this scope, "Data Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks" intended to investigate new applications, solutions, and standards in such challenging environments.

D. Katsaros and N. Dimokas. Downloading of the articles is granted for academic and/or personal use. However, permission to republish these articles or for creating new collective works for resale or redistribution to servers or lists, must be obtained from the copyright holders (IEEE, ACM, authors).

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