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I've just successfully defended my PhD dissertation here at the Univerity of Thessaly. In my thesis, I study the issues associated with managing personal data across multiple devices, many of which are wearable / portable. The outcome of this work is Omnistore, a system that manages the content of permanent storage across both infrastructure and mobile devices, automating many of the chores involved in the activities related to handling personal data.

My research extends to providing overall system support for software development in ubiquitous computing environments, with a focus on mobile computing, portable devices and ad-hoc networking. To this end, I have developed jPAN, a runtime for developing applications targeting PAN-based computing systems: dynamic distributed systems based on short-range ad-hoc networking.

This page contains links to all of my publications. If you don't have access to publisher sites, please don't hesitate to e-mail me; I will be happy to send you a copy of any publication you may be interested in.

My curriculum vitae is available in PDF format.

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