Nikolaos Frangogiannis is a postgraduate student, in the Department of Computer & Communication Engineering, University of Thessaly.

Research Projects

iMuse a virtual Museum over a sensors' web

iMuse project exploited the recent advances in web and RFIDs to create a new model of a virtual museum. Three new services were developed for museum visitors.The project is deployed at Archeological Museum of Volos, Greece.

Project participants:
  • Centre for Research and Technology, Thessaly(CERETETH)
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki(AUTH)
  • Archaeological Museum of Volos
Scientific Coordinator: P. Bozanis
Scientific Team Responsibles: P. Bozanis, G. Stamoulis, P. Tsompanopoulou and A. Vakali (AUTH)
Funding: EEA - Grants and Greek State (7/2009-4/2011)
Time: 2009-2011

Extremity Care - Study of the application and development of tele-medicine system

Main objective of the project was the development of a telemedical system for better support and faster management of amputation cases in the extremities,in patients who can possibly be transferred to the University Hospital of Larissa.

Project participants:
Biomedical Research and Technology Institute - Centre for Research and Technology - Thessaly (CERETETH)
Scientific Coordinator: Z. Dailiana
Funding: Region of Thessaly - Framework "POLITEIA"
Time: 2009


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